Let the STARS Shine!

Thank you for donating to the STARS (School Teachers Are Really Special!) program. Your donation works double duty: honoring the teacher(s) of your choice AND helping to fund AEF grants that benefit the entire district.

  • Tells teachers, specialists and staff they are STARS
  • Helps fund school initiatives and creative projects in the arts, technology, sciences, math, literacy, teacher training and more!
  • Ottoson and AHS teachers who receive the most STARS earn the ‘STAR Teacher of the Year

What it is:

STARS is a fundraiser for AEF which is dedicated to enriching public education in Arlington.  AEF grants are funded solely by generous donations from community members.  AEF is not directly affiliated with the Arlington Public Schools.

How it works:

Make a donation. Teachers will receive a certificate that they have been honored with a gift in their name (the amount of the gift is not noted on the card). Whether you give $20 or $100, the message to the teachers remains the same: We’re grateful for all you do for our children! A minimum $20 donation per teacher is requested. You will receive a receipt for your tax-deductible donation.

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