STARS of the Year

The Ottoson Middle School and Arlington High School teacher who receives the most STARS nominations will be honored with a special certificate announcing that they are our STAR of the Year!

AEF’s Arlington High School and Ottoson Middle School Stars of the Year:


  • Michael Byrne, Arlington High School, Drama
  • Heather Mahoney, Ottoson Middle School, 6th grade English



  • Danielle Raad, Arlington High School, Science and Archaeology
  • Alison Sancinito, Ottoson Middle School, 6th Grade History



  • Alison Sancinito, Ottoson Middle School, 6th Grade History
  • Justin Bourassa, Arlington High School, English

Teacher of Year 2016_Sancinito_sm Teacher of Year 2016_Bourassa_sm


  • Nicole Eidson, AHS English
  • Greg Condakes (aka Ringo Starr below), Ottoson Music*
  • Stefanie Carlson, 8th Grade Math*

(*For the first time ever, we had a tie for Ottoson Teacher of the Year)

Teacher of the Year_2015_Eidson Teacher of the Year_2015_Condakes Teacher of the Year_2015_Carlson


  • Nanta Hardesty – Ottoson Middle School English Teacher
  • Justin Bourassa – Arlington High School English Teacher

AEF Teacher of Year 2014_Hardesty AEF Teacher of Year 2014_Bourassa

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  • Cassandra Mea, Ottoson Middle School, World Languages
  • Sabato D’Agostino, Director of Arlington High School Jazz Band, Orchestra and Symphonic Band

Teacher of the Year 2013_Dagostino Teacher of the Year 2013_Mea

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  • Judith Packer, Ottoson Middle School 8th Grade English Teacher (read Ms. Packer’s ‘Ode to AEF’ poem)
  • Lindsey McPherson, Arlington High School Math Teacher

Teacher of the Year_2012_McPherson_cropped Teacher of the Year_2012_Packer_cropped2

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