Ottoson ‘Ready, Set, Calm’ Grant

March 2017

The Ottoson Middle School 630 cluster is piloting a project called Engaging the Whole Student for Learning: Ready, Set, Calm, funded by an Innovations in Education grant.  The goals of this mindfulness project are to:

  • provide teachers with training to support student development of self-regulation, impulse control, and focus to manage emotions and stress levels and increased learning.
  • provide students with techniques to support self-awareness, self-regulation and social-emotional learning.
  • provide students with an introduction to the neuroscience of learning, and the effects of stress and emotions on learning.
  • improve student insight on self-regulation as demonstrated by identifying the instances over the course of his or her day where the student could have benefitted from utilizing a tool to aid in regulation, and determine what tool would have been beneficial for each instance.
  • increase positive classroom culture and school community through self-awareness.
  • improve classroom management while supporting the students’ individual needs. Increase attention to class learning.
 Independent application of strategies to empower students to be in control and stay in class.

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