Grant Guidelines

Arlington Education Foundation Grants

The Arlington Education Foundation works to support and advance public education in Arlington. We fund system-wide initiatives and creative new projects to enhance the educational experiences of Arlington’s teachers and students. We have four categories of grants:

All levels of Arlington Public Schools are eligible to apply – from Menotomy Preschool to the Arlington High School.

AEF looks for projects that:

  • Augment and enrich the education provided by the Arlington Public Schools.
  • Encourage leadership, creativity, and skills development in teachers and administrators.
  • Benefit many students, often in multiple classes, grades, subjects and/or schools.
  • Provide a lasting benefit to Arlington’s school system.
  • Utilize other sources of funding in addition to AEF.

AEF will NOT support projects that:

  • Serve a limited number of students without a long term effect.
  • Do not provide a clear curriculum and/or community benefit for students or teachers.
  • Should be funded through existing curriculum or professional development funds.


Innovations in Education Grants


Innovations in Education Grants will be awarded to support innovative and creative teaching and learning projects in the Arlington Public Schools. Successful projects will be new to the teachers and students involved and will transform learning in specific and visible ways. We are particularly interested in supporting “pilot” efforts that can be adopted later by a wider audience, as well as “enrichment” projects that enhance curriculum and/or community at the classroom, school, grade, department, or district level. These grants may include professional development and teacher training, but will not support funds for standard classroom supplies, books, equipment, or videos.


$250-$3,000 (project must be completed within 18 months from the date of grant approval)

Who can apply:

Arlington teachers, administrators, parents, or community members (non-school-based applicants must be partnered with the Arlington Public Schools).   Please consult with your AEF school representative before submitting a grant.

Application procedure and deadlines:

Applications must be postmarked no later than November 15 (for fall grant cycle) and April 15 (for spring grant cycle). For more information and application instructions, review the Grant Guidelines Document and the Grant Guide for Teachers, then download the Innovations Grant Application.

If you are interested in submitting an application, we strongly encourage you to consult with your AEF school representative.  S/he is available to answer your questions about the grant program and can advise you and give you feedback.  Please complete a grant interest form and your AEF school representative will be in touch.

Grant requirements: A final report on the project and documentation of all expenses is required.  AEF has the right to use proposals and project results for public information and educational purposes.  Grant recipients should be prepared to help AEF publicize their grants, for instance by attending AEF events or submitting press materials.

Note: Any proposals for technology must be approved by the Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction.

Innovation Grant application procedure and deadlines: Applications are due November 15 and April 15.

View a list of past Innovation in Education Grants.

Continuing Scholar Awards


The Continuing Scholars Award will provide grants of up to $2,500 to Arlington educators to support education experiences that will in turn benefit their students.  The Award will fund seminars, courses, workshops, trips, or expeditions sponsored by universities, schools, institutes, or professional development organizations.  Examples of appropriate experiences might include an Earthwatch expedition, a language course in a foreign country, a Colonial Williamsburg Teacher Institute, a Primary Source study tour, etc.  Independent research and study projects, courses for advancing degrees or certifications, and graduate classes are not eligible for funding.


Up to $2,500

Who can apply:

Any Arlington Public Schools educator who has worked for the district for at least three calendar years and is returning to the district in the following year is eligible to apply. *If recipient chooses to leave Arlington within a year of receiving the Award, the funds must be returned.*

Continuing Scholar Award application procedure and deadlines: Applications are due October 15 and April 1.

School Representatives

Every school in Arlington is assigned an AEF Board member as a school representative.  These School Representatives are available to answer your questions about AEF and the Innovations in Education grant program and to help you strategize about effective grant applications.  Please discuss your ideas with your School Representative before submitting your application.

School Contact Phone number Email
Bishop Judy Geyer 781-534-5373
Brackett Dan Sheldon 781-333-8312
Dallin Julia Schilling 617-501-5678
Hardy Kate Leary 781-266-6497
Peirce Amy Cooper 781-883-2921
Stratton Tory Campbell 857-523-9516
Thompson Danielle Gottesman 312-371-9700
Ottoson Middle
Ann Pirone 781-646-2715
Arlington High
Lauren Jordahl 781-643-6781
Menotomy Preschool Lauren Jordahl 781-643-6781


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