Continuing Scholar Award: Spoken Latin

Ottoson Middle School Latin teacher Abbi Holt was awarded an AEF Continuing Scholar Award to attend ‘Latin: Conventiculum Bostoniense’ at the University of Massachusetts Boston over the summer of 2013. Gladiator Games

“The AEF Continuing Scholar Award allowed me to learn how to incorporate spoken Latin into my classroom – something I have wanted to do for quite some time.  As a result, it has enabled projects like our Roman election project (where all campaigning is done in Latin) and the Gladiator Games

In addition to incorporating spoken Latin into my classroom, I led a PLC (Professional Learning Community) session for our department on using spoken Latin in the classroom.  Even better, I now run the local spoken Latin circle and have kept going to spoken Latin immersion courses in the summer.  Nerdery galore!  I am very grateful to AEF for helping get me on this road.  I think my teaching has been greatly improved by it.”

May 2015

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