Over 20 years of community support for the Arlington Public Schools

Our mission: The Arlington Education Foundation works to support and advance public education in Arlington, Massachusetts. We fund system wide initiatives and creative new projects to enhance the educational experiences of Arlington’s teachers and students.  AEF has awarded grants at all levels of Arlington Public Schools – Menotomy Preschool, all 7 Elementary Schools, Ottoson Middle School, Arlington High School.

In 1990, Arlington Education Enrichment Fund (AEEF) was founded to fund creative ideas for teachers that went beyond the school budget. In 1997, Arlington Partners in Education (APIE) was founded to create a nonprofit 501(3)(c) organization to apply for foundation grants for the Arlington Public Schools.
AEEF gave out small grants between $100 and $2000 and disbursed between $10,000- $18,000 annually. In 2003, APIE changed its name to the Arlington Schools Foundation (ASF) and in the two months following a failed override, raised $270,000 to rehire Reading Specialists.
AEEF gave out small grants between $100 and $2000 and disbursed between $10,000- $18,000 annually.AEEF started the STARS program, through which families honor individual teachers with their contributions, as well as the Trivia Bee (formerly the Brain Bee), which has become a favorite annual event in Arlington. ASF‘s 2004-2008 High School Improvement Grant developed new courses and programs, and built community at Arlington High School. The 2008-2011 Enriching Elementary Education grant integrated reading, math, social studies, science, and art into challenging and engaging curricula.

In January 2010, AEEF and ASF merged to form the Arlington Education Foundation (AEF).

In June 2010, Bridge the Gap raised more than $600,000 to save positions and programs in the schools.

Today AEF distributes more than $100,000 annually for:

  • Innovation in Education Grants to support innovative teaching and learning projects in classrooms throughout the Arlington Public Schools.
  • Development and Expansion Grants to support the development of new educational strategies that target demonstrated need and have the potential to serve as models for the rest of the district.
  • School Improvement Grants for multi-year projects to support systemic long-term change in the Arlington Public Schools.

With your donations, we can continue our support of Arlington’s students and teachers.

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